Welcome to PyUpdater

What is PyUpdater?

An autoupdate framework for pyinstaller that enables simple, secure & efficient shipment of app updates.


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  • Easy Setup
  • Secured with EdDSA
  • Secure off line update
  • Release channels
  • Automatic generation & application of patch updates
  • Smart patch updates
    • This method is only applied if the total size of patches is less than a full update.
  • Asynchronous downloads
  • Update your application's assets.
    • A bundled copy of ffmpeg for example
  • Dual key verification
    • If the repository key is compromised it is very easy to create a new one.
  • Get download progress with progress hooks a.k.a. callbacks
    • Great for GUI applications.
    • Super easy setup
  • Upload system based on a plugin architecture
  • I really feel like I'm missing something else


  • No Pyinstaller onedir support