Create Upload Plugins

  • Plugins are enabled on installation
  • Plugins authors can get config info from the user. (Optional)
  • Plugin configs are saved by PyUpdater



from pyupdater.uploader import BaseUploader

class MyUploader(BaseUploader):

    name = 'my uploader'
    author = 'Jane Doe'

    def init_config(config):
        "Pyupdater will call this function when setting the uploader"
        # config (dict): a dict with settings specific to this plugin

    def set_config(config):
        "PyUpdater will call this function when user selects this plugin in settings"
        # config (dict): a dict with settings specific to this plugin

    def upload_file(self, filename):
        "PyUpdater will call this function on every file that needs to be uploaded."
        # filename (str): Absolute path to the file

In your setup.py

        'pyupdater.plugins': [
            'my_uploader = my_uploader:MyUploader',

Plugin Settings

Plugin authors have 2 ways of getting config information from users. The first would be env var. The second would be requesting information from users by calling self.get_answer('Question'). Repo settings override env vars. See the example plugins below.

Examples plugins

S3 Plugin

SCP Plugin