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Welcome to PyUpdater

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What is PyUpdater?

An auto-update library and cli tool that enables simple, secure & efficient shipment of app updates.

This project would not be possible without Pyinstaller.




  • Easy Setup
  • CI/CD Support
  • Basic Auth support
  • Secured with EdDSA
  • Cryptographically secure off line update
  • Release channels
  • Automatic patch update support
  • Intelligent update workflow
  • Asynchronous downloads
  • Update versioned external assets
  • Dual key verification
    • An offline private key signs an application specific key pair.
    • The application specific key pair is used to sign and verify update meta data.
    • The client is shipped with the offline public key to bootstrap the verification process.
  • Download progress callback
  • Uploading to the cloud handled by plugins.
    • S3 and SCP plugins available